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You Think You Need a Home Bar – We Agree and Here’s Why!

You Think You Need a Home Bar – We Agree and Here’s Why!
Are you just getting into cocktails? Dreading the crowds and preferring a cozy night in with an Old Fashioned? Or, maybe you still like to go out, but also want the option to entertain your friends and host an epic night in. If any of these sound like you, it may be time to set up your home bar.

Why a Home Bar you ask? If Don Draper and co aren't enough of a reason to convince you that you need a home bar, let us give you a few more:

Lockdowns and Restrictions

With the rollercoaster of lockdowns and capacity restrictions, the idea of a home bar has never been more enticing. Entertaining at home has become the new trend. The best part: your bar is always open and last call is no longer in your vocabulary.

Easier on the Purse Strings

Can you remember how much your favourite cocktail sets you back at your favourite cocktail lounge? Starting a home bar might seem like a weighty investment at first, but it’s no match for a drink bill at the end of a long night. Start slow, pick up a bottle or two of your favourites and grow your selection from there. There are plenty of choices to suit all budgets.

Stock Your Favourites

Ever go up to the bar and realize the only whiskey they carry is Jack Daniels? No offense to good ol' Jack, but when you're becoming a bit of a connoisseur in spirits, you tend to have your favourites. Good news: your home bar carries all your desired spirits.

Cool as a Cucumber (or your garnish of choice):

Having an at-home, fully stocked bar marks you as 'thoroughly having your sh*t together. You're an adult who likes to have fun. A chic home bar is sure to make you the life of the party and your house the go-to spot for hanging out.

    Control the Mood

    No more walking in the door and realizing that the quiet after-work drink you were after is feeling a whole lot less quiet thanks to the rioting party in the corner. No more being stuck in the same seat all night wondering what your friends are laughing at three chairs down. At your home bar, you control the music, the mood, and the company. No more reservations, waitlists, or lousy playlists.



    It’s fun to get dressed up, but does it really beat sipping your favourite cocktail nestled up in your favourite sweats? Some nights call for turning in the high heels, too-tight ties, and cocktail attire for an oversized sweatshirt and some fuzzy slippers. It’s time to, sit back, relax, and enjoy your favourite drink from the comfort of your couch


    Safety First

    You'd never drive drunk, right? Thankfully when you're drinking at home, the temptation to get behind the wheel is taken away from you. Careful! There might be heavy traffic on the stairs up to bed.

    It’s time to bring the cocktail lounge to you. Don't worry; this doesn't have to be a huge undertaking! Shop Cocktail.Club’s Monthly Cocktail Membership and see our Beginners Guide to Setting Up Your Home Bar and we'll take you through everything you need to create delicious cocktails at home, plus some tips for ambiance.

    Pour yourself a glass of something fun and keep on reading.
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