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Why Everyone Should Host A Virtual Happy Hour

Why Everyone Should Host A Virtual Happy Hour

When life gets busy, the first thing that tends to go out the window is socializing. With many people working remotely, it’s even easier to say ‘forget it’ and stay in, but what about those after-work drinks on a Friday? If you’ve been looking for a way to sip delicious cocktails and unwind without leaving the house, a virtual happy hour could be the perfect solution!

With a cocktail subscription box on hand, you can host a fun and flavuorful evening for friends or employees, right from your couch. Let’s take a look at how to host a fabulous virtual happy hour.


Why Host a Virtual Happy Hour?

In the last few years, virtual social gatherings have become commonplace, and happy hour should be no exception! Get a group chat going, coordinate a time with your coworkers, and hop on a video call to get your buzz on.

As many companies move to permanently remote settings, team-building has fallen to the wayside. Hosting a virtual happy hour for your employees is an excellent way to start incorporating after-work activities back into your corporate culture.

 It also gives you an opportunity to reconnect with friends or family who live far away. It’s a refreshing opportunity to catch up and have fun, and let’s face it – it definitely beats another Zoom quiz.


How To Play The Perfect Happy Hour Host

The problem is, most of us aren’t professional mixologists. That’s where Cocktail.Club comes in. Our cocktail subscription box is the perfect way to host a virtual happy hour, making it easy for anyone to enjoy cocktail-bar quality drinks right at home. Each box is beautifully packaged with everything one needs to craft a stellar concoction. All you have to do is add alcohol, or soda water if you’re not feeling boozy!

Each month, your cocktail kit is delivered to your door, with high-quality ingredients and a recipe curated by an expert mixologist. Simply open your box, set up a video call with your pals, and get mixing!

Top tip: you’re a business owner planning to host a virtual happy hour for your staff, you can send each individual a subscription box as a gift to get them ready for the event! This is a great way to keep your employees engaged as they wind down after a workday, and will make for a great culture-building activity.


How Our Cocktail Subscription Box Works

Our cocktail kit subscriptions are simple. Your box will arrive on the 4th of every month, so you can plan your happy hour accordingly. Each box comes with a video to show the recipient how to make the cocktail, and will teach them something new that they can do with other drinks, too!  All boxes include enough ingredients for 4-6 servings, so plenty for a lengthy virtual happy hour – just be sure to do it on a Friday to prevent sore working heads!

Our cocktail subscription boxes even come with a playlist to get the party going. It’s a fabulous way to stay connected as we continue to practice safety and keep our distance when necessary. We even have barware and glassware you can pair with your cocktail for a full-on happy hour experience!

Subscriptions can be paused or cancelled at any time, so if you want to do a one-time virtual happy hour with your staff or friends, that’s fine with us.

Virtual happy hours are perfect for all sorts of occasions. Whether it’s a girl’s night, or you’re looking for ways to get your employees connected again, a cocktail subscription box offers something different.

Ready to host your first virtual happy hour? Subscribe today or contact us for corporate inquiries to get started!

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