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Cocktail.Club began after we found ourselves repeating the same routine, night after night. Days blurred into weeks, weeks into months, and we wanted to mix things up!

The art of cocktail creation gave us the chance to slow down and make some fun memories in the comfort of our home. It’s a way to connect with one another. A way to elevate an evening.

We suspect you have a collection of favourite spirits at home and we want to help you put them to good use. Whether it’s whisky, tequila, rum, vodka or gin, our recipes have a little something for everyone. Cocktail.Club helps you save time, energy, and cost of acquiring all the hard to find ingredients. You supply the spirit, we supply the rest!

We are proudly Canadian and work with some of the country's top syrup and bitter artisans to bring you ingredients that you can feel good about consuming and supporting.

Join our community and start turning routine evenings into memorable ones.